Manufacturers of Artisan Pasta

Our Story

N.M. Pasta Fresca Ltd, is privately owned business established in the year 2000.
With over 20 years of experience in the field of Pasta Manufacturing.
Our client market is five star hotels and restaurants which are in need of high quality Artisan Pasta for their establishments in Cyprus.
For the first time our product can be reached directly from us through our website.

Our Selection


Our manufacturing downside is a slow hand-made assembly line. Time is money, but money buys texture (at least in our world !) You don't have to be lucky to hit the "al dente"


A mixture of real potatoes and soft flour, gnocchi are pillows from heaven which practically melt in your mouth.


The next time you eat something wonderful,ask yourself if flavor is playing a fundamental rule in how much you're enjoying a meal. Anticipation.


Fresh out of the bag, use then to create mouth watering lasagna or roll them for cannelloni.
"Sheets of Silk"

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